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How to reach extreme acceleration in your organization

Many organizations struggle to adapt to our fundamentally faster world. For companies and professionals, it often feels like they have to make an ultimate choice: quality or speed. But speed does not have to result in bad work—and Formula 1 shows this. In Formula X, you’ll read what we can learn from F1 and how to apply these lessons in your workplace. It’s a business fable about speed, leadership and organizational change.

Dutch version available now. English edition expected Q4 2019.

A faster organization is a struggle for many companies. An amazing book, that makes clear that you learn easiest from companies outside of your market, instead of your competitors. The way this book makes clear how to increase the speed and ultimately success of an organization is unique and stimulating for anyone who wants to lead a faster team or organization.
— Harry Brouwer - CEO, Unilever Food Solutions

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About the authors

Jurriaan Kamer

Jurriaan Kamer is speaker, organization designer and transformation coach. Jurriaan is an expert in the field of organizing differently. He is obsessed with modern organizations and how you can transform an existing organization. In addition, he has been a fan and visitor of Formula 1 for years. He is a Partner at The Ready, an organization design and transformation agency focused on the future of work. Through The Ready, he helps leaders free their organization from the rules, habits and mindsets that cause delays, making work faster, more agile, more human and fun.

Rini van Solingen

Rini van Solingen is speaker, author, professor and entrepreneur. His expertise lies in the speed and agility of people and organizations. Rini is a part-time full professor at Delft University of Technology and CTO at Prowareness We-On and author of a number of management books, including The Power of Scrum (2011 - with Jeff Sutherland and Eelco Rustenburg), Scrum for Managers (2015 - with Rob van Lanen) and the 2016 business novel: How to lead self-managing teams?

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